Finest PCB Assembly is an 18 Years One-stop Solution Provider

Finest Group supplies high-quality PCB board and PCB assembly for more than 200 customers who focus on Telecommunication, Computer Application, Aerospace, Consumption Electronics, Industrial Control, Medical equipment, etc, and is mainly distributed in America Europe, and Asia-pacific counties.

In the world of printed circuit board manufacturing, it is fairly straightforward to explain how a PCB is made. Using a bare board as an example, we can explain the different etching and lamination processes that the board went through in order to be fabricated. With our own assembly processes, we can describe the component procurement, soldering, test, and QA processes that are required to build the board.

Finest PCB Assembly Limited offer high-quality PCB manufacturing Service for Industrial, Automatic, New energy, Medical equipment, and other high-level circuit boards, including PCB manufacturing, parts sourcing, X-RAY, AOI testing, Function testing, and final assembly.

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