The PCBA Board Manufacturing Should Pay Attention to These Points

The PCBA Board Manufacturing Process Should Pay Attention to These Points:

1. BGA, chip capacitors, crystal oscillators, and other stress-sensitive devices are easily damaged by machinery or high temperature. Therefore, PCB manufacturers believe that when designing or strengthening equipment, they should be placed on a PCB with higher hardness, or some methods should be used to avoid them in PCB processing.

2. When prototype PCB assembly processing components, sensitive electronic components need to be arranged on a PCB with higher rigidity. For example, in order to avoid damaging the sensitive electronic components of the PCB board during the assembly process, the PCB manufacturer needs to place the connectors that fix the PCB board and the motherboard on the side of the PCB daughter board, and the distance from the screw holes should not be too large. Small, more than 10 mm.

3. PCB manufacturers remind, in order to avoid BGA solder joint stress cracking, please avoid placing the BGA layout in a place that is easy to bend during the PCB assembly process. If you hold the circuit board with one hand, the poor design of the BGA can easily cause the solder joints to crack.

The above three points are mainly based on some discussions published by FINEST PCB over the years of R&D and design. In addition, it is important to reduce the pressure of assembly, adopt appropriate methods and tools, strengthen personnel training, and standardize operations.

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