What is the PCB Processing of Electronics Circuit Board Manufacturers?

The PCB board is a complete device only after PCB processing and can be used in application electronic products. The PCBA process is a combination of the SMT process and the DIP process. Today, we will share with you the steps involved in PCBA Electronics Manufacturing by Shenzhen PCB manufacturers.

1. Single-sided flexible printed circuit DIP cartridge
The Cheap PCB fabrication needs to be plug-in, in after the workers insert the electronic components, go through wave soldering, and then cut the feet and wash the board after soldering and fixing.

2. Single-sided flex circuit SMT mounting
The solder paste is added to the component pad, after the solder paste printing is completed, the relevant electronic components are mounted through reflow soldering, and then reflow soldering is performed.

3. Single-sided computer circuit board mixed
The PCB electronics assembly is printed with solder paste, the electronic components are mounted and then fixed by reflow soldering. After the quality inspection is completed, DIP insertion is performed, and then wave soldering or manual soldering is performed.

4. Double-sided keyboard circuit board SMT mounting
In order to ensure the aesthetics and functionality of the PCB electronics, sometimes double-sided mounting is used. IC components are arranged on the A-side, and chip components are mounted on the B-side.

5. Single-sided SMD PCB mounting and cartridge mounting are mixed
Some PCB circuit boards are double-sided, one side is mounted and the other side is inserted, but PCB boards need to use fixtures for reflow soldering and wave soldering.

6. Double-sided fr4 circuit board mixed
There are two ways: the first way is to heat the PCBA assembly three times, which is less efficient. The second method is suitable for the situation where there are many double-sided SMD components and few THT components. Manual soldering is recommended; if there are many THT components, wave soldering is recommended.

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