What are the Problems of PCB Circuit Board in Humid Environment?

PCB fabrication is prone to cause various problems of PCB Circuit Boards in a humid environment, such as short circuits, circuit board signal open circuits, and these failures. How to judge whether the PCB circuit board is wet?

If the PCB circuit board is used in a humid environment, the air in this environment contains relatively large humidity. When the humidity is too large, it will turn into water droplets and fall on the flexible PCB, and drop onto the PCB circuit board. The water droplets are on the circuit. After the board is spread out, it will be attached to each pin or printed line of the electronic component.

After the printed line is infiltrated by water droplets, especially since the signal transmission line is relatively small, after being soaked for a period of time, the printed line will be moldy, causing the prototype PCB board to fail to operate when it is put into work.

The reasons for circuit board failure caused by humidity are classified into three categories:
1. Cause the circuit parameters in the custom PCB to change and cause failure;
2. Cause the circuit in the PCB board to be in a short-circuit state, causing the PCB circuit board to malfunction;
3. The signal processing or transmission line in the PCB circuit board is broken, causing the PCB board to malfunction.

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