Why is the BOM List so Important in PCBA Manufacturing?

In daily work, many PCBA processing requires a BOM list. Why is the BOM table so important in PCBA manufacturing?

BOM is the meaning of the bill of materials. The BOM of a product indicates how many parts and accessories the product needs to assemble. All PCBA manufacturers need to purchase the materials needed for this batch of production according to the BOM list provided by the customer and evaluate the production cycle and process. It can be said that the BOM table is the top priority in all PCBA processing.

So what is the format of the BOM list? Generally, the beginning of the BOM list needs to indicate the product model, version model, date of establishment, document number, the total number of pages, etc.

Every electronic product will continuously optimize its design or expand its functions throughout its entire life cycle from R&D to production to improvement. After the new version of the product information comes out, be sure to communicate with the SMT PCBA manufacturer. The new version not only means the reduction of materials, but the deeper problem is also that the front-end design, including the schematic diagram, has been changed. At this time, all materials and quotations must be reproduced, and the corresponding old version must be marked as an expired document and sealed, and immediately stop using it. In order to ensure the orderly management of the version and model, the release and online use of the product BOM list must be issued by the R&D department, at least by the R&D engineer and the head of the R&D department to sign off at each level to ensure the correctness of the BOM list.

The relationship between BOM and product can only be that multiple BOM tables correspond to one product, but not one BOM list corresponds to multiple products, even if the two products are only different in the content of a label.

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