How to Check and Prevent Short Circuit of the PCB Circuit Board?

The damage caused by the short circuit of the PCBA can be quite large, from the burning of the component to the discarding of the oversized PCBA. At the same time, short circuit is also the most common fault of the circuit board. So, how to check and prevent short circuit of the PCB circuit board?

1. Check the PCB board beforehand soldering. Use a multimeter to check whether the key circuit is short-circuited. After each chip is soldered, use a multimeter to check whether the power supply and ground are short-circuited.

2. Be careful when soldering small surface mount capacitors, especially power supply filter capacitors, because they can easily cause a short circuit between the power supply and the ground.

prevent short circuit

3. If there is a BGA chip, it is recommended to disconnect the power supply of each chip and connect the magnetic beads or ohmic resistance during the design. BGA is difficult to solder, so if automatic soldering is not performed, it is easy to short-circuit the two solder balls between adjacent power and ground.

4. Open the PCB diagram on the computer, open the short-circuited network, and see where the distance is closest and where is easiest to connect.

5. If you find a short circuit, you can take the board to cut the wire, and then power on each functional block to solve the problem slowly. This method is suitable for single/double-layer substrates.

6. The use of short-circuit detectors is also an effective method.

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