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  • Partial TurnKey PCB Assembly

    Finest Printed Circuit Board Ltd’s TurnKey PCB Assembly service offers a seamless and comprehensive solution for your printed circuit board needs. From design to delivery, we handle everything – component sourcing, fabrication, assembly, and rigorous testing. Our service ensures high-quality, customized PCBs with cost efficiency and rapid turnaround, ideal for a wide range of industries. Experience hassle-free PCB production that scales with your business.

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    Quick Turn PCB Assembly

    Quick Turn PCB Assembly is your solution for fast-paced PCB manufacturing demands. Specializing in rapid production, we deliver high-quality printed circuit boards with exceptional speed. Ideal for urgent projects and prototypes, our service combines quick turnaround times with flexible order quantities, advanced assembly capabilities, and a commitment to quality. Accelerate your PCB production without compromising excellence.

  • SMT Assembly

    Experience the future of electronics manufacturing with our Surface Mount Technology SMT Assembly service. Seamlessly integrating precision components onto printed circuit boards, our state-of-the-art process ensures top-notch quality and performance. From rapid prototyping to cost-effective large-scale production, trust us for efficient, customized solutions that meet the highest industry standards. Elevate your electronic devices with our SMT Assembly – where innovation and reliability converge for a seamless and reliable electronic assembly experience

  • PCB Assembly for DVB Mainboard

    What Are The Advantages of Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

    Experience hassle-free PCB manufacturing with our Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Service. We handle it all – from design to delivery, component sourcing to rigorous testing. Streamline your production process and accelerate time-to-market with our comprehensive solution.” 1.  Assembly Type: FR4, FPC, Rigid-flex PCB, Metal base PCB. 2. Assembly Specification: Min size L50″W50mm; Max size: L510*460mm 3. Assembly thickness: Min thickness: 0.2mm; Max thickness: 3.0mm Components DIP: 01005Chip/0.35 Pitch BGA Minimum device accurace: +/-0.04mm Minimum footprint distance: 0.3mm 4. Components Specification Components DIP: 01005Chip/0.35 Pitch BGA Minimum device accuracy: +/-0.04mm Minimum footprint distance: 0.3mm 5. File format: BOM list; PCB Gerber file: Click the PCBA capability in this link Get our categary