What are the Main Aspects of PCBA Manufacturing Pollution?

PCBA Manufacturing Pollution

The main PCBA Manufacturing Pollution mainly includes the following aspects:

1. PCBA surface pollution will be caused by the pollution or oxidation of PCBA components and PCB circuit boards;

2. Fingerprints will be produced during manual soldering, and some wave soldering claw marks and soldering pallet (jig) marks will be produced during wave soldering. There may be other types of contaminants on the surface of the pcba circuit board to varying degrees, such as plugging glue, high-temperature tape residue glue, fingerprints, and flying dust;

3. In the manufacturing process of electronics pcba, it is necessary to use solder paste, welding wire, etc. for welding. Flux will produce residues during the soldering process, contaminating the surface of the PCBA board, and is the main pollutant;

4. Static pollution caused by dust, water and solvent fumes, steam, particulate organic matter, and charged particles attached to the smt pcba in the workplace.

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