What are the Types of Flexible Circuit Boards?

Flexible circuit boards, also known as “soft boards”, are printed circuits made of flexible insulating substrates. Flexible circuit boards can greatly reduce the volume and weight of electronic products and are a solution to meet the requirements of miniaturization and movement of electronic products. What are the types of flexible circuit boards?

1. Single Layer Boards
After the circuit is completed with a single-sided PI copper-clad material, it is covered with a protective film to form a flexible circuit board with only a single-layer conductor.

2. Double Layer Boards
After using the double-sided PI board with copper-clad material to complete the double-sided circuit, a protective film is added on both sides to become a flexible circuit board with double-layer conductors.

3. Substrate to Generate Single-Sided Boards
Using pure copper foil material in the PCB circuit manufacturing process, one layer of the protective film is added on each side one after another to become a circuit board with only a single-layer conductor but exposed conductors on both sides of the PCB flexible circuit board.

4. Substrate to Generate Double-Sided Boards
Use two layers of single-sided PI copper-clad material in the middle, supplemented by adhesive glue that opens at a specific position, to become a double-sided conductor circuit board with a two-layer separation structure in a local area to be laminated in a local area. Flexible circuit board with high flexibility.

The above is the type of flexible circuit board!

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