How to Choose the Chip Inductor for SMT Chip Processing?

Chip Inductor

The following are several precautions when selecting a chip inductor in SMT chip processing. A better selection of chip inductors can better ensure the quality of smt chip processing.

1. When replacing the chip inductor, in addition to the inductance, pay attention to the working frequency band.

2. If the accuracy requirements for chip inductors are higher than ±5%, you need to order in advance.

3. The shape and size of chip inductors are basically similar, and there is no obvious sign of the shape.

4. Different products have different diameters of coils, and the same inductance has different DC resistances.

5. Allowing a large current to pass is also an indicator of the chip inductance. When the circuit needs to bear a large current, this indicator of capacitance should be considered.

6. The width of the chip inductor should be smaller than the width of the inductor, so as to prevent the inductance value from being changed by the tensile stress during cooling caused by too much solder during the processing.

7. Different chip inductors are processed in different ways. For example, some can be soldered by reflow soldering and wave soldering, while others cannot be soldered by wave soldering.

8. When a power inductor is used in a DC/DC converter, its inductance directly affects the working state of the circuit. In practice, the method of increasing or decreasing the coil can often be used to change the inductance to obtain the best effect.

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