Full TurnKey PCB Assembly


PCB Assembly for DVB Mainboard


PCB Assembly for Game Machine Board


PCB Assembly for Communication Board


PCB Assembly for Signal Processing Board


PCB Assembly for Gamera Motherboard


PCB Assembly for Portable Device Board

Full TurnKey PCB Assembly:

Full TurnKey covers all aspects of PCB fabrication and assembly, including manufacture of PCBs, parts procurement, tracking of orders, quality inspections, and final PCB assembly

Computer Electronics Industry Application:
There are countless applications of PCBA in computer industry. The mother board, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Central Processing Unit (CPU), RAM, ROM, SD-Cards, SDRAM, DDR1,2,3,4, EEPROM, microcontroller boards, keyboard, computer mouse, gaming mouse, LED screen, laptops, tablets, notebook, etc..

At present, Finest PCB has accumulated rich experience in the high-tech PCB manufacturing industry. It can conduct comprehensive review, evaluation and suggestion for GERBER and BOM, minimize smt PCB prototype cost and produce more reliable PCB products.