Aluminum PCB – FN03


Product Specification:

Layer: Single layer
Profile: CNC+V-cut
Copper Thickness: 1 OZ
Board Thickness: Immersion Gold
Surface Finished: HAL
Base Material: Aluminum Core laminate
Break Down Voltage for Insulated Layer: >2 kV
Thermal Conductivity for Insulated Layer: 2.0 W/m-K

Aluminum PCBs are actually quite similar to FR4 PCBs. The basic structure of Aluminum PCBs is four layered. It consists of a layer of copper foil, a dielectric layer, an aluminum base layer and aluminum base membrane.

■Improved Product Durability
■Increased Power Density
■Increased Thermal Efficiency
■Reduced Number of Interconnects
■Lower Junction Temperatures
■Reduced PCB Size
■Eliminates Older Hardware
■Minimizes Labor Required for Assembly
■Wide Variety of Form Factors
■Minimize Thermal Impedance