FR4 PCB – FD01

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Product description


1, Min. line width/space: 4mil/4mil (0.1mm/0.1mm)

2, Min. hole size: 10mil (0.25mm)

3, Aspect ratio: 8:1

4, Max layer: 16 layers

5, Max. Board size: 1500mm8560mm (59in*22in)

6, Finished board thickness: 0.2~6.0mm

7, Copper foil thickness: 35um~240um (1OZ~7OZ)

8, Remain thickness tolerance after V-CUT:+/-0.1mm

9, Hole position tolerance:+/-0.076mm

10, Profile tolerance: routing outline tolerance:+/-0.13mm; punching outline tolerance:+/-0.05mm

11, Surface finished: Lead free HASL, immersion gold (ENIG), hard gold, gold fingers, immersion silver, immersion Tin, OSP etc.

12, Production capability: 40,000 s.q.m/month

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