Single Sided MCPCB – FN08

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Product description

Product Specification:

Layer:Single layer
Copper Thickness:1OZ
Board Thickness:1.6mm
Surface Finished:HASL lead free
Base Material:Aluminum Core Laminate
Break Down Voltage for Insulated Layer:>2kV
Thermal Conductivity for Insulated Layer:1.0W/m-K

What is a Metal Core PCB (MCPCB)?
A Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB), also known as a thermal PCB or metal backed PCB, is a type of PCB that has a metal material as its base for the heat spreader portion of the board. The thick metal (almost always aluminum or copper) is covering 1 side of the PCB. Metal core can be in reference to the metal, being either in the middle somewhere or on the back of the board. The purpose of the core of an MCPCB is to redirect heat away from critical board components and to less crucial areas such as the metal heatsink backing or metallic.

Why Use Metal Core PCB Instead of Standard PCB in LED Based Products?
With the development of electronic technology, LED based products more and more popular, consequently, and even is metal core PCB. Now metal core PCB has applied in the automobile and lighting sectors, there is a result shown that LED based light can be more efficient and nearly 5 times cheaper than normal incandescent units. However, LEDs convert a small part of the input electrical power as heat as with other electrical devices. It’s difficult to make sure stable and reliable LED operation, as well as make full use of the complete performance and efficiency of the LEDs if it does not dissipate the thermal loss. Metal core PCB can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of LED.

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