The Causes and Solutions of White Spots in Circuit Board SMT Chip

In the SMT patch proofing process of the SMT small-batch patch processing plant, a white spot or white spots in Circuit Board will appear on some circuit boards. What is going on? The appearance inspection also accounts for a large part of the quality inspection of electronic processing. The circuit board with white spots is obviously unqualified. So what is the reason for the white spots or white spots in the SMT process? How should we solve it?

The Reasons for white spots on the PCB board:
1. The circuit board is subjected to thermal stress beyond the reasonable processing range.
2. The circuit board is impacted by an improper mechanical external force, which separates the local resin from the glass fiber and forms a white spot.
3. In the process of SMT patch-proofing, fluorine-containing chemicals are infiltrated, and the glass fiber dots are etched to form regular white spots.

The method to solve the white spots on the surface of the circuit board:
1. Control hot air rectification and infrared fusion in strict accordance with processing requirements.
2. Take measures during the SMT chip processing process to minimize or reduce the excessive vibration of the machine, thereby reducing the external force of the machine on the circuit board during the processing.

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