What Electronic Components are Made of PCB Circuit Boards?

Printed circuit board (PCB), also called circuit board, is an important electronic component and is known as the “mother of electronic components”. What electronic parts are made of PCB circuit boards?

The electronics circuit board is mainly composed of pads, through holes, mounting holes, wires, components, connectors, fillers, electrical boundaries, etc. The main functions of each component are as follows:

1. Pad: A metal hole for soldering components.
2. Through holes: including metal through holes and non-metal through holes, in which metal through holes are used to connect the pins between various layers of components.
3. Mounting hole: used to fix the circuit board.
4. Conductor: copper film network used to connect the component pins.
5. Connector: used to connect components between circuit boards.
6. Filler: Applying copper wire to the grounding network can effectively reduce impedance.
7. Electrical boundary: used to determine the size of the circuit board.

Note: All components on the custom PCB circuit board must not exceed the boundary.

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