Finest PCB Circuit Board Manufacturers in Shenzhen

Finest PCB Assembly Limited is also a subsidiary of FINEST Group, which was established in April 2003, professional PCB Circuit Board Manufacturers in Shenzhen, SMT processing, and component support services. In April 2019, we set up the Finest SMT factory, specializing in EMS processing, fast SMT proofing, and small batch production. With the ability of material selection, sample making, small batch production, and testing services, we are capable to improve the efficiency of research and development to provide faster services.

We have a 4,500-square-meter Factory, which is located in Humen, Dongguan, with high precision and first-class processing equipment, focusing on single-sided pcb, double-sided PCB, and multi-layer PCB manufacturing services.

Eight SMT production lines, a complete set of advanced imported Hanwha 471, 481, 482, automatic solder paste printer, ten zones reflow, wave soldering, such as high-end equipment, and equipped with advanced AOI and X-Ray, SPI, intelligent first tester, BGA rework stations such as equipment, which are focused on research and development proofing, small-batch SMT, assembly and other services.

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5th Floor, Building 2#B, Baoyunda Logistics Information Center, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China.




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