The Frequently Asked Questions About Multilayer PCB Circuit Boards

With the development of PCB technology in the direction of high density and refinement, the role of multi-layer PCB boards is becoming more and more important and widely used in various fields. and there are a lot of questions about multilayer PCB circuit boards associated

1. How many layers does a multi-layer PCB board have at most?
The PCB board was based on single and double panels at first, and later with the development of technology, a multi-layer PCB board was needed to realize the interaction of multi-layer circuits. Components range from simple single and double panels to 4 layers, 6 layers, 8 layers, 10 layers, twelve layers, and even 22 or more layers. There is no conclusion about the problem of a multi-layer PCB board having a few layers at most. For R&D institutions, the number of layers of PCB depends on the product requirements and functions implemented by the electronic PCB application.

2. Is the number of layers of multi-layer custom PCB better?
Generally speaking, the more layers, the more difficult it is to make, and the higher the cost; the number of layers is determined by the needs of the PCB application product. Of course, when the engineer draws the board, he must also consider the feasibility of the process, production cost, function realization and other factors to decide how many layers to build.

3. How to make a multilayer PCB circuit board?
The production process is similar to that of ordinary single and double panels, but the multi-layer circuit board has one more pressing process, and the requirements will be relatively high, often requiring multiple laminations. In the production process, the production cycle is longer than that of ordinary double-panel production, and the cost is much more expensive.

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