What are the Precautions for PCBA Manufacturing?

PCBA board processing belongs to high-precision manufacturing and must comply with relevant actual operating rules. So, what are the precautions for PCBA board processing?

1. During electronic PCB processing, the surface to be soldered cannot be taken with bare hands, because the grease secreted by human hands will reduce solderability and easily lead to soldering defects.

2. Smoking is forbidden in the PCB assembly area, no sundries not related to work are placed, and the workbench is kept clean and tidy.

3. It is forbidden to stack PCBA boards to avoid physical damage; special brackets should be configured and placed according to the type.

4. Regularly inspect the EOS/ESD workbenches to confirm that they can work normally, and avoid various hazards caused by incorrect grounding methods or oxides in the ground connection parts. Special attention should be given to the joints of the “third line” grounding terminal. protect.

5. In PCBA processing, the operating rules should be strictly followed to ensure the final quality of the product, reduce component damage and reduce costs.

6. Do not use skin-protecting oils to coat hands or various silicone-containing detergents, otherwise, it will cause problems in the solderability and adhesion performance of the conformal coating.

7. Components that are sensitive to EOS/ESD must be marked with appropriate EOS/ESD marks to avoid confusion with other components.

8. The operation steps for PCBA and components are reduced to a minimum to prevent danger.

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