What Documents Need to be Provided When Making PCB Samples?

What file should be provided when making PCB samples?
The PCB manufacturer cannot work directly during the manufacturing process, nor can the PCB layout file be directly converted into the manufacturing instructions for the automated equipment. Most manufacturers will require some or all of the following PCB manufacturing documents:

1. Gerber, BOM, and site-specific documents in specific formats. Don’t forget to include an aperture file in the Gerber package.

2. The net. This will detail all the connections on the board in ASCII format. Netsheets, together with the Gerber file, can be used to recreate PCB layouts and to define nodes and connections in SPICE simulations.

3. Make drawings. These figures show how board stacks are created.

4. Assembly drawing. These diagrams show where the components are placed on the board.

5. Borehole drawing. The drawings you drill down are usually included in the manufacturing drawings for your own pages.

6. Back drilling and blind hole/through information embedding. If you use blind/buried holes, you need to divide the drilling information by layer.

7. Any other circuit board assembly manufacturing instructions. Provide special documentation or data requirements.

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