Why PCB Board Should Choose Immersion Gold?

There are many kinds of surface treatments for Electronic PCB boards, such as: Immersion gold, Immersion silver, lead-free tin spray, lead tin spray, OSP, etc., so many kinds of surface treatments Why do you want to do this? Then why do PCB boards chose gold surface?

So before we talk about why we need to sink gold, let’s take a look at what are the characteristics of PCB sinking gold board?
1. The Double PCB board will appear golden yellow after immersion gold, even more golden than the gold-plated color. First, the surface looks brighter and beautiful, and our customers will be more satisfied with samples or finished products; secondly, after immersion gold and gold-plated There will be obvious differences, their crystal structures are different, and the differences are relatively large;

2. We mentioned above that the crystal structure of immersion gold and gold-plated is different. It is for this reason that the surface immersion gold is easier to be welded, and the probability of welding complaints or even scrapping will be greatly reduced, so as to avoid unnecessary customer complaints;

3. Immersion gold has another feature. The pads on the immersion gold board have nickel gold. Because of this factor, the signal transmission in the skin effect will not be affected, which is mainly reflected in the copper layer;

4. Because of the surface immersion gold, a layer of protection is formed on the smd PCB board and will not easily produce oxidation. This is because the crystalline structure of the immersion gold is more compact and the density is higher;

5. Due to the nickel and gold on the pad of the immersion gold board, the board is not easy to produce gold wires, and it is not easy to cause micro-shortness, and the copper layer on the silk path and the solder mask will be more tightly and firmly combined;

6. In the PCB file production project, there are some problems that require engineering compensation. If the gold is heavy, the compensation will not affect the spacing;

7. Immersion gold plate has stress. Because of the different crystal structures, its stress is better controlled. If it is a product that has been bound, it will be more stable during processing, which has advantages and disadvantages, because the immersion gold is relatively soft The reason is that if the gold finger is made of gold plate, there may be no gold-plated gold finger to wear

8. After talking about the characteristics of so many immersion gold plates, what is its service life? In terms of flatness and service life, immersion gold plates and gold-plated plates are comparable

Therefore, many PCB production factories on the market are making immersion gold boards. When it comes to the cost of immersion gold, it is true that the process cost of immersion gold boards is higher than that of gold-plated boards. Why? Because the gold content of immersion gold boards is higher Gold plating is much higher. Therefore, PCB designers will consider cost issues during the design process. According to different product markets, most low-priced products are actually gold-plated, such as common remote control boards and low-priced toys. The toy boards are all gilded.

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