What Issues Should be Considered in Circuit Board Manufacturing?

In today’s electronic product industry, metal core PCB is the most indispensable key component of the entire electronic product. Since there are many fields involved in PCB Circuit Board manufacturing, if you have not participated in the cheap PCB production process during the blank PCB board design operation, it will directly lead to more focus on performance and function in the design process.

Then in the production process of the factory, the difficulty of product processing will not be considered due to the USB PCB design, because PCB manufacturers have special production and processing techniques for various types of boards. Therefore, the following problems must be considered in the processing and production of pcb boards.

1. Selection of plates
Fr4 circuit board sheets are divided into two types: organic chemical raw materials and inorganic raw materials. The selection of sheet types should be determined by combining the thickness of the base groove, electrical properties, copper foil types, and production and processing characteristics.

2. Control of the environment
The indoor environment of the PCB manufacturing and processing workshop is also a key issue, and the control of working temperature and humidity is particularly important.

If the temperature is too high, the holes on the plate may be broken. Secondly, if the humidity is too high, it will affect the characteristics of the plate with strong water absorption, mainly in the aspect of dielectric and electrical properties. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a standard natural environment during the production and processing of diy circuit boards.

3. Plate vias are blocked
For example, blank pcb surface mount boards, especially BGA and IC mounting, have higher requirements for via holes and plug holes. They must be flat, with a convex and concave plus or minus 1 mil, and there must be no redness and tin on the edge of the via hole.

Due to the complicated process of plugging the via hole, the process is long, and the difficulty of process control is increased, and the oil will drop during the hot air leveling or green oil solder resistance test, and once cured, the oil will explode and other problems will occur. Therefore, we must complete the solder mask on the board and the plug hole at the same time.

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