What is the Demand for PCBs in the Construction of 5G Stations?

5G wireless base station construction requires about three times the PCB space of 4G wireless base station construction. The global 4G base station electronics boards market space is about 5-9 billion yuan/year, corresponding to about 1-20 billion yuan/year for CCL. The PCB value of 5G macro base stations is about 15,104 yuan per station. In peak years, Demand for PCBs in the construction of 5G stations is about 21-24 billion yuan per year.

Even if the global server PCB circuit board demand slows down in 2019, it will not change the long-term upward trend. 2017-2018 is a stage of rapid growth in global server shipments. Internet enterprise data center construction has contributed more than 60% of the demand; from a long-term perspective, cloud virtualization of computing and storage is irreversible. AI, The demand for computing and storage generated by the Internet of Things and 5G will also become more and more vigorous, and the demand for PCBs for servers will continue to grow.

The large-scale communications PCB market is generally fragmented, but the demand and pattern of high-end tracks are better. The global communication PCB market is about 12 billion U.S. dollars, and the top five companies together account for only about 20%. In the process of computing and storage equipment upgrades caused by the change of communication generations and the explosion of data traffic, when the trend is passed up to the PCB link, the value and amount of increase are often mainly high-level, new materials and new process PCB products, and low-level PCBs. (Mainly used in some secondary links, or low-end equipment) Demand changes are not as flexible as high-end PCBs, so aluminum PCB boards are indispensable for communication construction.